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Get ready for a fun beach day!

Islands Beach Club works exclusively with Mexico Adventure Guides (MAG) to provide the highest quality activities! 

MAG has offered incredible adventures in Cozumel for 15 years and is widely recognized for both their safety and excellence.


Entry to Islands Beach Club costs $22.99 (Transportation not included) with access to all of the fabulous beachside facilities including pool, beach, beach chairs, hammocks, showers, bathrooms, and the restaurant.

Any of the activities below can be added to your entrance fee for listed price.


 Learn the skills and enjoy an amazing paddle along the beautiful coastline.


Get on board of the Magic carpet and enjoy the beautiful Caribbean Sea

Adult     Child
24.00 US    20.00 US


Gear on in your safety equipment and play amongst the 3 spectacular adventure towers.

Fly through the air on a series of zip lines, while enjoy the Caribbean View.

Adult     Child
40.99 US   30.99 US


Speed up!  you will love the sun, splashes, and breeze in your face while cruising along

Feel the adrenaline and enjoy the pristine north side amazing landscapes. 

Adult     Child
59.99 US   35.00 US


Ride through the history and landmarks on a fun family adventure.

Ride your electric bike along the 

colorful Cozumel ocean side.  

Adult     Child
25.00 US    20.00 US


This is one of the island’s premier areas with thousands of colorful fish and amazing underwater views accessible right off the beach!

Submerge in the crystal waters of Cozumel, and discover a new world.

Adult     Child
10.00 US   10.00 US

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