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Minimum age - 8 years old.

Helmet Diving: Take an underwater adventure through the aquamarine waters of Cozumel in your own enclosed helmet. Your face and head stay dry and you’re able to breathe freely within the helmet as you explore the depths. No scuba gear or mouthpiece is required. Discover a whole new world with incredible habitats and brilliant fish.

What’s Included:

  • Lunch entrée: Choose from fajitas, pork, tacos, crispy tacos, or hamburgers.

  • One beverage: Choose from national draft beers, tequila, vodka, rum, juice, and sodas.

  • Tequila tasting.

"I spent a few days with my partner in Cozumel, we went to different beaches and we definitely stayed with Islands, a divine place, the restaurant service is, I would say, the best of all Cozumel, Mexican food, with an impressive presentation and very generous portions. . The friendliness of the staff is more than remarkable, Cristian, Edmundo, Abigail and others whose names I don't remember. As we went 5/6 times during the stay, I gave myself all the pleasures, Marisol made braids all over my head, a genius, and to close I had a massage from Marcela's exquisite hand. Everything and everyone makes you feel special, I'll be back!!!!"

Sussane - Jan 25, 2023

Adult     Child
59.99 US    49.99 US

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