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Duration 30 min 

Minimum age is 8 years

Maximum weight is 300 lbs.

Maximum  1 person per snorkel kat

Come explore the aquamarine waters of  Cozumel riding your own electric powered Snorkel Kat catamaran!   Snorkel Kats are perfect for all abilities and provide fun and excitement for the whole family!  You will receive a safety briefing and then you are off to effortlessly motor through the stunning Caribbean waters on your own Snorkel Kat!  

You will gaze through the clear view screen and peer into the magic underwater world. 

Included Services:

Profesional Guides, Snorkel Kat, Floatation Vest, & FUN

"So Cool!  My mom and I tried these while we were visiting Islands Beach Club.  Our guide Mario was awesome and helped us with all of our questions.  You ride the Snorkel Kat by sitting on a seat suspended in the water between 2 mini pontoons.  You steer with a joy stick and then look through a glass window to see underwater.  We saw all kinds of colorful fish and sting rays too!  The Snorkel Kats were so fun to drive.  We stayed at the club all day and had fanastic nachos and margaritas.  We will definitely be back to enjoy this beautiful club again!"

Sandy- Feb 21, 2019 

Adult     Child
48.99 US    45.99 US

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