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Let us pamper you with a relaxing massage or an invigorating fish pedicure.

Our masseuses will tailor your massage to exactly the intensity and duration you desire. Tucked into a private corner of the club you will enjoy views of the turquoise waters while receiving the luxurious attention your body deserves. 

At our fish SPA you can soak your toes and let our amazing fishing naturally exfoliate your feet.

We have 6 stations available and this is a great experience to share with your family and friends!

IBC SPA - 17_edited.jpg
IBC SPA - 10_edited.jpg


Deep Tissue 30'

Deep Tissue 60'

Swedish 30'

Swedish 60'

Relaxing 30'

Relaxing 60'


IBC SPA - 19_edited.jpg
IBC SPA - 15_edited.jpg
IBC SPA - 14_edited.jpg


$ 50.00

$ 60.00

$ 45.00

$ 75.00

$ 45.00

$ 75.00

20 Min.

15 Min.

Fish therapy natural exfoliation

Blood circulation



$ 25.00

$ 20.00

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